Common spelling mistakes.

July 21, 2010


Define the word Homonym, then click on the following link to  read the article. Advertisements

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June 28, 2010

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STUDENT NUMBER Final Grade 335105904 23% 334338761 53% 309728889 63% 309267771 42% 334352408 61% 334950557 45% 334957552 2% 309394898 3% 310375845 60% 324620996 54% 309715019 30% 321701385 50% 321420291 71% 334105681 26% 324287549 53% 335107454 74% 309069250 50% 334991411 51% 300427085 35% 324351436 62% 321502155 14% 335105805  75% 334630753 54% 334951167 40 % 334915071  60% […]

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Comic Life–Create your own Comic DUE TUES. JUNE 1st

May 25, 2010

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Learn the Comic life Program by watching the U-tube videos. DUE TUES. JUNE 1st. Create your own comic using Comic Life /30You may work individually or in pairs. Part A: Story Writing Here is your chance to finally get that story that has been brewing in your head down on paper! The more creative the […]

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Listen. Paraphrase. Listen Again. (5 marks)

May 13, 2010

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First, read the following article then follow the instructions for how to paraphrase.  Secondly, follow the instructions for how to site information found on the internet appropriatly. Use Read and Write to listen to the following paragraph. Then, paraphrase it. Remember our rule— For every 5 words, you must change 3. This does not include deleting and […]

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Guest Speaker Jeet Heer (Bio and 3 Newspaper Articles)

May 11, 2010


    (In groups of two) Find the 5W’s and H in these 3 articles.  Be prepared to share your findings with the class. Article Number 1 Experts say they may never be able to predict earthquakes the way they do hurricanes. But we can be better prepared Jeet Heer. The Globe and Mail. Toronto, […]

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Find the 5w’s and the H in these two articles and explain how they relate to the film Reporter.

May 3, 2010


April 30th, 2010 Nicholas Kristof Talks of Oppression of Women Worldwide April 30, 2010 By Ben Eisen and E… Pulitzer Prize winning New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof told a story yesterday afternoon to a packed audience in Statler Hall about two 15-year-old Cambodian girls trapped in the despairing shackles of prostitution. He had spoken […]

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The Reporter

April 30, 2010

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About the Movie   REPORTER is a feature documentary about Nicholas Kristof, the two-time Pulitzer Prize winning columnist for the New York Times, who almost single-handedly put the crisis in Darfur on the world map. The film puts the viewer in Kristof’s pocket, revealing the man and his methods, and just how and why real reporting is […]

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