Mrs. Miller’s Writing Pet Peeves

Posted on April 23, 2010


Writing Pet Peeves 

#1: Don’t use second person narrative in your writing.  Using you to describe something that has nothing to do with me BOTHERS ME!  

#2: People who hand in writing that has NOT been through the spelling and or grammar checker. Please USE WORD to check your spelling and grammar. You can always cut and paste your writing into the comments section after you are satisfied with it.  Slow down and enjoy the process.  

#3   People who use first person narrative should not USE a lower case  i to refer to themselves.  NOTE: On paper a lower case  i means you do not value yourself.  I value you, otherwise why would I read your writing?  

#4  Please get into the habit of reading your writing out loud to yourself. If you have trouble, or you stumble then you know that you have sentence structure and or grammar problems happening on the page that your eyes missed when you were editing.  Your ears are VERY important to the writing process. Please don’t neglect them.

#5. All verbs must be in the same tense.

#6. Rather then relying on the cliché “they say” find quotes to back up your facts.

#7. Write out numbers. Don’t use numbers. 4 example, 4 people won this week’s million. Is much better when it is written for example, four people won this week’s million. Want to share a ticket?

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