Comic Life–Create your own Comic DUE TUES. JUNE 1st

Posted on May 25, 2010

Learn the Comic life Program by watching the U-tube videos.
DUE TUES. JUNE 1st. Create your own comic using Comic Life /30You may work individually or in pairs.

Part A: Story Writing

Here is your chance to finally get that story that has been brewing in your head down on paper! The more creative the better!

Using all of the information that you have learned in the unit you will, working alone or in pairs or in groups of three to create a 3 page short story and then turn it into a comic using images found on the internet or that you have taken yourself. (NOTE: If you hate computers you can draw your own.)

Please make sure you follow these criteria:

  • Story must be able to be turned into a comic (make sure your scenes can be re-enacted by pictures you take yourselves, draw or  find on the internet)
  • Story must contain at least two characters (antagonist and protagonist) but no more than the amount that are in your group.
  • Story must be at least 3 pages and no longer than 4
  • Must contain the elements of a short story (Introduction, Rising Action, Climax, Falling Action, dénouement)

Brainstorm story ideas in a spider chart  (CONSIDER using the Inspiration computer program for this) and then list the top 3:




Note: Stories do not have to follow those ideas, but keep in mind that short, action packed stories will make the best comics.

Start Writing!

  Part B: Creating a Comic

The first part of this assignment is a tutorial on how to use the program. You will learn how to:

  • pick a template
  • place a picture
  • place text
  • place speech bubbles
  • even more!

Watch the videos for a brief intro to comic life:

For a more in-depth videos look at this link and see what else Matt has to say about Comic Life.

Note: If you prefer handouts, they can be  found in the Student Share File under Mrs. Miller.

You will have 1.5 classes to write, edit and create your comic books so try to stay focused.

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