Advertising: General Overview

Click on the link and read the article. Then answer the following questions.

1.  What is Advertising?

2.  In general how much is  the worldwide spending on advertising?

3.   Why do organizations spend so much on advertising?

4.  What does an advertising campaign do?

5.  Describe the number of functions professionals at advertising agencies and other advertising organizations offer.

6.  Describe the four different types of advertising.

7. What is Product-Oriented advertising?

8.  What is image advertising?

9.  What is Advocacy advertising?

10.   What is Public Service advertising?

11. Explain  and define digital convergence.

12.  Audience Tracking is done by…

13.   What are the advantages of  DVR?

14. What are the major cultural shifts occurring in how people use media for entertainment, news and information?

15.  What is the bottom line for marketers?

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