Mearchants of Cool: Fantastic video (10 Marks)

Please click on the link to watch the video entitled Marchants Of Cool and answer the following questions. Be prepared to share your answers in a class  discussion.    Each answer is worth one mark so please try not to be too general and take the time to write in complete sentences.          /10

  1. What struck you most about this film?
  2. In one word, describe how you felt while watching this film. Explain your answer in three sentences.
  3. Was what the media executives were saying about teenagers true to your experience?
  4. Is it important to buy brand names? Why don’t you buy a generic pair of jeans or shoes?
  5. What are your thoughts on the boy “mook” idea as sketched in video? Did that ring true to you? What about the “midriff” image of women?
  6. Is marketing to teens different than marketing to adults?
  7. Do advertisers shape culture or just influence it?
  8. Has seeing “The Merchants of Cool” led you to think about how you express your identity? What questions do you have?
  9. In the program, several market researchers claim that parents contribute to the prominence of the teen market by giving them “guilt” money. Do you agree?
  10. Read the quote below by Robert McChesney. Are “cool hunters” and those who use the information they supply similar to colonial powers? Do they exploit teens, or are they providing desired benefits and services?

“In much the same way that the British Empire tried to take over Africa and profit from its wealth, corporations look at [teens] like this massive empire they are colonizing. And their weapons are films, music, books, CDs, Internet access, clothing, amusement parks, sports teams.”
-Robert McChesney

11.   Read the following newspaper article then pretend you are a CCO of a shoe company. Brainstorm a list of what is the “latest thing” and the “current fashion”. Then, in 3-5 sentences describe how these fads influence contemporary culture.–how-modern-companies-can-harness-what-is-hip

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