Issue Project 

1. First, choose two topics or issues that interest you and is currently covered in the press/media.

Some examples:

a. BP Oil Spill: There is a full-scale disaster happening right now; the oil spill beneath the Gulf of Mexico.

b. TECHNOLOGY: the social world of the internet; fraud and new identities.

 c. URBAN PROBLEMS: youth or gang violence; welfare and poverty; homelessness; TTC issues.

d. SIGNIFICANT MEDIA FIGURES: Oprah’s resigning; Bret Michael’s health issues…

e. POLITICS: Obama Coverage; the new HST Tax; bike lanes in Toronto; the protests in Thailand, Omar Khadr.

 f. OTHER TOPICS OF INTEREST: New hijab laws being enforced in Brussels; violence against women; teen mothers, social issues.

2. Find material related to your topic. You must use a minimum of five different articles or sources for each-remember you need to study two issues-so that is a total of 10 articles. (Shock horror! You  have been working on this since day one.)

Newspapers will be made available in class but it is your personal responsibility to collect your materials by reading the paper every day and saving it in your eng4newspaper file.

3. Create a duotang presentation or scrapbook that will contain your materials as outlined below.

 Read and highlight each article for key points only. Then tape or glue each article into your scrapbook with the following notations.

 Provide a brief summary of each article in point form (6-10 points each)

 Write a full paragraph reaction to each of your chosen articles: What did you think of the article as it relates to your issue? (Use Read and Write to edit and revise your writing so that it is error-free. Neatness and presentation style is important as well as accurate use of Standard English. Word processing is encouraged but if you prefer to write by hand then BRING IT ON.

 Create an eye-catching title page that includes the title of your “issue”, your name, an appropriate visual, as well as two quotations from the readings that really represent the focus of the scrapbook.

 If you are using a source other than an article (for instance, an Oprah show), take notes to create your summary.

Choice Chart: (choose one to accompany your duotang/scrap book)

A) Write a five paragraph reflection or editorial on your chosen issue where you fully express your opinion or concerns related to your issue, taking information from your scrapbook to support your opinion.

B) Prepare to present your duotang/scrapbook to the class. (3-5 mins) C) Prepare and present a song related to all of your newspaper articles to the class to accompany your scrap book.

 D) Create original art work reflecting on the issues in your duotang/scrap book


This is marked out of                              /100

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