Newspaper Assignment 1 (this one is marked)

Pick an article from today’s newspaper  that interests you.  (This article must be different from the series you are following.) You will be required to discuss why you liked this article with the rest of the class, then you will be required to write a paragraph about it.  Remember to do your best work because it will be marked.

1) In the comments section of this page on our blog please contribute one paragraph about a specific story in today’s newspaper.  Your goal is not to summarise the newspaper story but to explain why you found this particular story interesting. 

GUIDELINES: Please use the computer programs that are provided for you to help you do your best work. Please follow the steps to writing a good paragraph. Brainstom, outline, final draft. I also suggest you write your paragraph in Word then cut and paste it into the comments section of the blog. This way you can double-check your spelling and grammar. Also, this assignment will be marked 0ut of 10  (2 for mechanics and 8 for content). 

Topic Sentence: One sentence that describes your argument. (The topic and your controlling idea.)

Body: The body is made up of at least 3-5 sentences to expand on your topic sentence.

Conclusion: Sums up your thoughts and concludes your paragraph.

22 Responses “Newspaper Assignment 1 (this one is marked)” →
  1. What I want to know is how are these girls supposed to go to school and make a good life themselves and their kids if they can’t put them in day care because there’s not enough staff or no programming at all? The ministry is saying that they only became aware of the centre’s financial problem last Tuesday, but I don’t believe that because the government started making cuts in the mid 1990’s. So how did the ministry not notice that Massey Centre was having trouble getting out of debt? This has been going on for so long that the centre has been unable to meet the labor requirements. Therefore, the centre had to close programs like the toddler program in the daycare and the other programs are operating at minimal staff. How are these young mothers supposed to provide for their children when they don’t have the support from the government they need and the education for them to succeed? The answer is they can’t because they don’t have the resources and education they need to succeed.

  2. Everything has its limit, two man on their 20’s robbing an old man of 79 years old on
    the subway train on Bloor-Danforth and nobody in the train tried to help the old victim, that’s unacceptable from everyone that was on the same train at that moment, they could of do something or at least call emergency, but instead everybody shutted their mouth and pretend that they didn’t see anything. People living in Canada should be safe everyehere they go, and none of incidents of that kind should happen, because we got security cameras everywhere and also security guards, where were they that day when it was the most needed, the TTC should also hire security guard in the train for the safety of everyone because they are no cameras on the train and anybody could do anything without being seen. That news caped my attention because what happened on the subways that day was immoral and the people on that train should be ashamed. The TTC should install cameras in the trains so nothing like this tragedy happens ever again.

  3. Boobquake is Iranian cleric Hojatoleslam Kazem Sedighi suggested women who wear revealing clothing are to blame for earthquakes. Saying woman that wear shirts, tanktops and other reaviling tops that show cleavedge corrupt young men leading them to astray corrupt their chastity and spread adultery in society, which increases (consequently) earthquakes. I think thats just the most rediculus thing i have ever heard and Inever heard such a thing and i dont belev it one bit. I think girls that wear reavilings tops dose not corrupt men and childeren.

  4. An 11-year-old girl she was struck by a TTC bus in North York.
    The TTC bus driver was switching lines when the accident happen.
    Most likely this happen because the driver was not paying much attention
    to the rode and the people who they wore crossing the road. TTC bus drivers
    they don’t pay as much attention as the other drivers on the road.
    This happened around 12:00pm when the kids wore so post to be in school
    and a adult person should have been there to keep a eye on the people who
    cross the road and specula the kids/students but no one was there at the time
    when the accident happened. After the girl was struck by the TTC bus she was
    rushed to kids hospital when she facing death injuries

  5. Mugged 79 year old man

    79 year old man was mugged on Saturday at around 8:30 pm on the TTC Subway at Chester station. Nobody came too the man’s aid as he cried for help, the man was baffled on how people reacted when he was being attacked by two young men. The just stared at him as he was crying for help nobody at all gave him a hand. Now the 79 year old man says he will never ride the TTC subway alone he will bring someone with him at all time’s this really tells a lot about our subway security system….


  6. Joseph B

    April 27, 2010

    In the heart of the suburb of a suburb of Milwaukee, it caters to shoppers exercising their right to be openly armed while buying Coke and all American hotdogs. Armed yet courteous, Nik Clark and his girlfriend, Kim Garny are a poster couple for Americans now openly carrying weapons as they go about their daily chores. Living in a place ranked last year as the 34th Best Small American Town to live in, Nik and Kim say they’ll only draw if their lives, or loved ones, are at risk. They’re attractive, successful, urban and bring their guns virtually everywhere. Although federal laws mean they can enter a bank armed, but not a post office. “I even play kick ball with it on,” says Kim, a 39-year-old mom who’s a nurse in an emergency room. Nik and Kim both believe that “It is a human right,” to be armed with a concealed weapon. They believe Canadians have just as much of a right to keep and bear arms for self-defense as I or anyone else does, though the Canadian government may deny that right to you.”


  7. Calvin Grant

    April 27, 2010

    On April 20th a man was arrested after a handgun was confiscated at a marijuana parade. The gun was drawn out from the man near the early afternoon and left on the street until late in the afternoon. Due to the suspicion apparently witnesses around him scuffed him with kicks to the head managing to put the suspect in a disabled position. There were reports of minor injuries when people began running from the scene. I believe he was holding his gun due to someone attempting to rob him. He might even have a license for the firearm only he knows. I mean a bunch of high people watching someone un – holster out a gun, startled them for their lives, I do not blame them. In the end they became the heroes, If I was present my reaction would be quite similar close to the same as the group of civilians that acted. In conclusion the man arrested should not of been armed in the first place, the motive from the rally supporters was an applicable way to proceed the situation.


  8. Bryan Rushton

    April 28, 2010

    Timothy Dingwall was celebrating a hockey championship and starting down a path toward becoming a high school principal. Now he faces accusations of having sexual relations with a 17 year old student. Personally I believe stories like this have no right to publish the names involved. Not to mention the fact that this more than likely innocent man has a new born and very supportive wife, as stated in the article. Imagine how the 17 year old girl is feeling with the gossip, nicknames and slanderous statements going around. My sympathy goes out to Timothy and family, I’m confident they will find no proof and all of this would have been for nothing.


  9. Deepjot Singh

    April 28, 2010

    An elderly woman dies in a fire. This article interest’s me because it’s about a long and happy marriage that ended in tragedy. Which I think no one should go threw. A couple that’s been very happily together for about a decade was now separated by a fire. Living in the same home for more then 40 years with her husband. Everything was fine said the neighbor on Monday morning. Everything fell apart on Tuesday afternoon, when there house caught fire from the front of the room. The elderly woman named Violet, was stuck in a wheelchair the whole time, despite her husband trying to save her, she didn’t make it. Her husband Michael, 88, was rushed to Sunny Brook Hospital, with 20 percent of his body burnt, but now is in stable condition. I think this is a very said story that’s why this article interested me.


  10. Brian St. Michel

    April 28, 2010

    Beginning this July, Toronto’s Center for Addiction and Mental Health selfishly plans on forcing patients off of their property in order to have a cigarette. This seems fairly reasonable in the eyes of non smokers given the objective treatment smokers have been dealt in the past few years, except for the fact that not everyone in these centers is given the privilege to leave the premises. The patients without this privilege, many who have brought themselves there for help, are now unable to even have a cigarette while trying to battle their more serious addictions and mental distress. This decision will in no way help these people who are eager for a positive change of lifestyle. They may be damaging their health by smoking, but as the author suggests, the depression, anxiety, and angst is also alleviated in the process of smoking. In mental health patients these issues are often more critical than the lung problems faced through smoking. This is a preposterous proposal given the legality of cigarettes. Toronto’s Center for Addiction and Mental Health should not even consider doing something so ridiculous and selfish. This is removing the rights from people who need help and realize it, in a way they are being treated inhumane by having their rights revoked due to their conditions.

  11. High-school teacher accused of sex with teen

    I found this article interesting because a history teacher, Timothy Dingwal who was going to become high school principle at Harbored collegiate institute was caught having sexual relationship with a 17 year old student. As I read into the article I found most of his students in grade 12 were sad and wasn’t agreed with that. They said “we lost a really good teacher of our school”. On the other hand police is still investigating on it. Timothy Dingwal was teaching for twelve years in Toronto and was never accused for any crime in his twelve year teaching career. I hope police don’t find any proof against him because he has a family to look after. This is how I found this article interesting as a forty year old teacher had a sexual relationship with a 17 year old girl.

  12. “Study Links Brain Function to Feelings Towards Race”

    While reading the Toronto Star, I found an article about new Canadian research that suggests that the brain fires differently when dealing with people of a different race and ethnicity. I found it interesting because everyone says that they don’t see race and ethnicity, they only see a person, but this research suggests otherwise. They said in the article that they exposed the participants to a video of people from another race doing a simple task like taking a sip from a glass of water, and their brain reacted in the same manor as when they were looking at a blank wall. But when they watched someone from their own race doing the same action, their brain reacted just as if they were doing it themselves. To me this seems very interesting, because I never knew that you could be racist with out even knowing it.


  13. tristan dennis

    April 28, 2010

    At 10:30 pm April 14, 22-year-old Silverio Iván Jaimes and 23-year-old Raúl Jaimes Jiménez were stopped by uniformed soldiers in the city of Cuernavaca, near the capital of Mexico. The men were forced into a military truck and driven to what they believe were military barracks. There the young men were blindfolded, beaten all over their bodies and kicked in the head and ribs. This was an attack on two people by uniformed men that are paid, and job is to protect. I feel its abuse of authority, and I don’t think it matters what country you’re in. The way soldiers and police abuse there authority rights lead to human rights violations including torture, forced disappearances and unlawful killings committed by members of the armed forces deployed to fight powerful drug cartels responsible for thousands of kidnappings and murders. Fighting organised crime is a very dangerous job in Mexico. Yet this cannot be a justification for the use of illegal methods by state security forces. Abuses do not help resolve the crisis in public security. Rather they contribute to it.


  14. Juliean Davis

    April 28, 2010

    News Paper Assignment #1 April 28th 2010

    Ontario schools board wants to redesign the sex education for kids in elementary and middle schools. Personally, I believe yes they should know about their bodies because of child molestation and child pornography that goes on in our neighborhoods and schools. They should know what’s right from what wrong when it comes to touching and feeling from others. Children should not be kept secluded when it comes to sex, were all in it together and we all need to know. It may seem early for them to be taught about it but the earlier the better so that they are aware of the dangers and consequences, the good the bad and everything else that comes in the sex package.


  15. Casandra Lynn Chaplin

    April 29, 2010

    Canada’s new couch potatoes- toddlers! A study by the Active Healthy Kids Canada Assosiation has shown that children from the ages 1 to 5 need at least two hours of exercise per a day. However, children now a days, from 5 months are exposed to the television when the American Academy of Pediatrics recommend that children don’t start consuming TV before 2. In addition, children are strapped to car seats, strollers and are plunked infront of TV’s which has health consequences such as; cognitive, social, emotional and physical dysfunctions. Saddly a study from National data shows 15 per cent of Canadian kids ages 2 to 5 are overweight and 6.3 per cent are obese. In my opinion this new phenomenon is heart breaking and not only have the health issue of obesity struck the little ones amongst us but has become a costum to society. I believe that children do accumulate a lot of daily exercise but as the Pediatrics of America state, childrens physical activity has plummeted and they need more physical interactions. Although these monstrous stats have parents up on their feet: are we doing anything as caregivers to decrease these dreadful health issues? Meanwhile, this North American pandemic of obesity is a big health risk and this generation of children may not outlive their parents. In response to that oblivious statement, I belive we need to improve health in North America and provide more awareness to parents and caregivers. I also believe our modern life has limited us to many physical abilities; however what are we going to do about it??


  16. amin ghafari tari

    April 29, 2010

    This is a very crazy topic to me that how one Ayatolah in Iran tread all the women’s that if you are not wearing a proper clothes we will have an earth quake that will destroy us and our city. I am very shameless that how in my country women’s are being treated like an animals that they have to believe these people and their speech, if they don’t cover their whole body they will die. It is very disappointing that the president of Iran Mahmood Ahmadinejad support this man whose name is Ayatolah Yazdi and saying he is right. I can’t support this topic because no matter what happen in Iran men’s have more right than women’s and this situation is going around almost 500 years. In general I am totally disagree with this topic because women’s in Iran they should live like human and have the right to support their self.


  17. Farhan Khaliq

    April 29, 2010

    Col. Williams charged in dozens of break-insAccused killer now faces theft and break-and-enter charges in Ottawa and Belleville.

    Col. Russell Williams, the former commander of CFB Trenton was charged with killing two women and sexually assaulting others, now faces 82 counts of breaking and entering. It’s a really serious matter because he had a very high tech position and basically he was a role model for people and now that they found out about this It will get worst and spend his whole life in jail as well. By making this decision he lost his position, respect and everything he had.
    Ontario Provincial Police charged the army colonel Thursday morning after a joint investigation with Ottawa and Belleville police departments, OPP officers in Tweed, Ontario and the Canadian Forces National Investigation Service.

  18. Firefighters get pet oxygen masks
    I read upon an article about pet owners will be provided with animal oxygen mask by the fire chief in 16 districts and veterinary emergency clinics. It’s large enough to fit a Great Dane and small enough to fit a Parrot. It is a great idea, pets are just like humans, the same reason a human suffocates in thick smoke and animal can as well.
    Animals eat, sleep, walk, talk, and many other things humans do. It is only fair they (Society) came up with such a great plan. When people like you and I buy pets it isn’t just for company or security… it’s an adoption like adopting a child, it’s an added member to the family. Would you leave your child to suffocate in thick smoke? … If you had an oxygen mask handy that is.
    As I read further in the article they, (Firefighters & Veterinarian Emergency Clinic) Decided to give out donations and free gifts and charge 100$ for these oxygen mask for families. It’s awesome because it is a life time supply that is handy, and it is always better to be safe than sorry.
    Firefighters wouldn’t get specified training to rescue frightened or unconscious cats and/or dog from a fire but I believe it is comparable to rescuing a child. Remember a pup or a kitty are like little babies.
    Firefighters providing oxygen masks to pet owners are a fabulous idea. Animals have become such a domain role to families it’s like having another family member. Plus their great to have around, you gotta love em!

  19. I found this article interesting because of the word “Taxpayer”. Throughout this article, “Taxpayer” was used over and over. I have an interest in this article because I pay taxes. City officials are geting rebates of $17, 483 becauase they have to drive a distance to work. With annual saleries of $170,000, I think getting refunds like this are very unnecesary. If a person can live comfortably on a $70,000 salary than the other $100,000 can be used to justify their daily commute. I admit, they earn the money just like the rest of us but when that “rebate” partially comes from the time I’ve given from my day, I think a line needs to be drawn.


  20. Krista

    May 6, 2010

    A wrongful death over a bag of potato chips. A 32 year old man Jeff Munro was beaten to death in a Toronto jail. The family of Jeff is suing Ontario’s Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services and Toronto police. Three men are charged with first degree murder. Munro’s family said Jeff had drug and mental problems and should not have been sent to jail, but should have been sent for treatment instead of jailing him. Jeff had been sent to the Don Jail for allegedly violating a probation order. The jail should have acted upon a persons mental state and safety in a jail. How could police officers allow a man to get beaten to death. After the Crow had a duty to keep Munro safe while in jail and “a breach of fiduciary duty to Jeffrey caused or contributed to his wrongful death.” A man who had previous records which was why he was on probation at the time. Just because he didn’t obey the law doesn’t mean anybody is capable of killing an innocent man. That’s why there are prisoners in jail because they are murderers.


  21. Stephen

    May 17, 2010

    Is facebook to blame for all our children’s problems? Apparently so says Dr. Leonard Sax, author, physician and psychologist. Most parents don’t even know how their children use facebook so kids feel safer that there parents wont find their profile to see the lies and pictures they have posted for the cyber world to see. Kids are going out of there way to improve their profile, tweaking, photoshoping their pictures to look better, lying about themselves to seem cooler or more important, they should just be honest on these online profiles, and since they are not, their parents should take away the power. Final sumation, parents should watch their kids closer and monitor what they do on the internet.


  22. Abdi Mohamed

    May 19, 2010

    Should Omar Khadr be brought home to Canada from Guantanamo bay? The Toronto born Afghan detainee was captured in 2002 when he was 15. The Canadian Citizen is being held by U.S officials claiming he threw the grenade that killed U.S soldier Christopher Speer. Khadr, now 23 is charged with 5 military offences including murder in violation of the law. Omar Khadr was shot in the back in 2002 and has spent nearly a third of his life in G-Bay. Stephen Harper said he will not intervene with the case. I think he has no say on what the Americans want to do with the Canadian born detainee. Hopefully Omar is brought back home and tried here for trial


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