Of Mice and Men By John Steinbeck Chapter. 1

Total marks: /15

Download and print a copy of this page. You can find it in the Student Share file under Mrs. Miller in the Of Mice and Men Folder.

1. Who is John Steinbeck? Find three facts about him, his life and his work.  For a bonus mark, include a picture of him with your answer.

John Steinbeck, social and political era:

John Steinbeck’s personal life:

John Steinbeck’s work:

2. Briefly describe the setting of the first chapter. Use two or three sentences. Why did the author make this choice. Watch the video for the answer.

3.  There is a mood of peace and tranquillity. Copy three sentences or parts of sentences that the author used to create this mood.

4. Describe the physical characteristics of:


What did they wear?

5. Name the animals that Lennie is compared to in this chapter.

_______________________ (pg.      )       _____________________(pg.     )

___________________________ (pg.     )

6. What is Lennie and George’s dream? (please write your answer in a full paragraph)

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