Of Mice and Men Chapter 3

Of Mice and Men Chapter 3          /10

1.  Watch the video and describe one symbol in the novel Of Mice and Men.

2. What does Does Slim do for Lennie?

3. What are two of Lennie’s talents?

4. On page 39-40, George explains to Slim why he stays with Lennie. In full sentences, summarize his reasons.

5.  Why does Candy keep his old dog?

6. What does Carlson suggest for the old dog?

7. Why does the reader feel sorry for Candy? How is sympathy aroused?

8. Describe the men’s Saturday night entertainment?

9. What is Curley’s problem?

2 Responses “Of Mice and Men Chapter 3” →
  1. Click on this link to see an Airdale–this is Candy’s dog.

  2. Click on the link to check out Carson’s pistol. This is important becuase he is the only character in the novel who has a gun.


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