Of Mice and Men Chapter 5

    Chapter 5                  /10

1. A)Recap:  Watch the video and explain why Chapter One is important? 

 B) What Literary device does Steinbeck use (hint hint it begins with an F)?

 2. Describe what important event occurs with Lennie at the beginning of this chapter?

3. Describe how was this event foreshadowed in chapter 1?

4. How does Curley’s wife persuade Lennie to forget George’s orders not to talk to her?

5. What does she do that upsets Lennie?

6. What does Lennie do when he realizes he has “done a bad thing”?

7. Who found Curley’s wife and why?

8. What is George’s first reaction when he realizes what Lennie has done?

9. When the men go out to hunt for Lennie, what does Slim say to George?

10 Who organizes the search party and gives orders? Why is this important?

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