Of Mice and Men –Chapter 6

Of Mice and Men  Chapter 6                                                              /10 

 1. In what ways does chapter 6 seem to be a repetition of chapter 1? 

2. What happens to Lennie when he first arrives at the hiding place? 

3. What is Lenny’s second idea? 

4. Why does George tell Lennie, “It don’t make no difference”? 

5. Why does Lennie want George to “give him hell”? 

6. Describe the preparations made by George. 

7. How does George use the dream story this time? Why? 

8. Who answers the men’s questions for George? Why? 

9. Explain what is sadly ironic in the closing speeches of Carlson and Curley? 

10.  Watch the video and explain how George’s character changes from the start to the  end of the novel. 

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