Of Mice and Men (wrap up)

1. Watch the video and then answer the following questions in 3-5 full sentences.

 A) What is the American Dream? 

B) How  does Steinbeck show the failure of the American dream in the Novel of Mice and Men?

C) Please write a personal opinion paragraph (use I)  answering the following question:

Is George a good friend to Lenny? (10 marks)

This is due on Friday. (No if’s ands or buts as there is no time left for extensions) Please. (Mrs. Miller is begging you.) PLEASE!  Create an outline before you begin writing your paragraph.  Also, don’t forget to have a strong opinion and BACK UP your points with proof (quotes from the book).  Finally, use Read and Write to help you edit your work because grammar and spelling COUNT. ….Remember a bird in the hand….and you will be given the option  to use a computer when writing your exam. Therefore, it is important to practice using the tools that are on offer to HELP you be successful when you are under pressure.

Paragraph Outline

Topic Sentence:  (2 marks)





                                    Proof and Support (4 marks)

Proof #1: 






Proof #2: 






Proof #3 






Concluding Sentence:  (2 marks)


Spelling and Grammar (2 marks)



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