How to Write a Paragraph: Review and Outline

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  1. Juliean Davis

    April 23, 2010

    How Music Influences My Life.
    Music influences me with the connection of my peers. Like the songs that we sing e.g. Keyshia Cole: all her songs we would sing when we worked at Wal-Mart over the intercom. Music brings my friends and I together, it’s like we become one with each other. Music puts my mind at ease, when I’m frustrated, sad, and angry, when I’m happy, excited, and joyful. I have a song for every emotion and every expression. For the mood I am in I have a song for. It gives me that warm feeling that someone knows exactly how I feel through their vocals and the base of the instruments. I LOVE IT!!!! A lot of the urban music that I listen to talk about today’s youth who are in love or having trouble in their relationship, or don’t know when is the right time to do certain things. When it comes between one and their significant other there is always a song to relate to. When listening to r &b specially, it gives off that soul vibe that someone knows what it is that you’re talking about if you can’t find the word to explain your thoughts and feelings you can just let the music speak for you. Music to me is the beginning, middle and end it can handle most problems, it’s a way to escape from your crumbled cluttered world. Music brings me out of my shell and I feel free enough to express myself to certain people about how I feel.


  2. Farhan Khaliq

    April 29, 2010

    How does Music Influence my life?

    Music helps me focus while I am doing my homework and it makes me concentrate more as well. Music is a important my live because it helps me relax and makes me calm if I am angry or sad etc… When ever I go to the gym and work out I always have to listen to music while I am working out, it pumps me to lift more weights and do more sets and as well there’s a approval of music helps out and gives extra strength because it puts your mind away and changes the way of your thinking. There is nobody that doesn’t like music because everyone has their own choice and genre and it depends the way I understand and feel about it. Music can do a lot to help the world or my life and one of the best ways to influence others by playing positive songs that have emotions to them and sharing with others about passion for music also it can help express feelings faster in other words or I could dedicate the song on someone.

    Thank you Ms. Miller

    By : Farhan K
    Date: 29/04/10


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