Brainstorm Your Ideas

Brainstorm to Develop Key Points for Essay

Students should view their essay as a type of argument. A thesis statement should clearly identify a position in this argument which prepares readers for the content of the essay. To start brainstorming, students can use one or more of the following strategies to articulate key points they might like to explore.

  • Venn diagram: a graphic organizer used for comparison and contrast or finding similarities and differences
  • idea web: a graphic way to loosely arrange general ideas
  • concept map: a graphic organizer that identifies the relationship between ideas as well as identifies key concepts
  • lists: a loose format that helps students who are word-oriented, rather than picture-oriented
  • outline: a structured format that clearly guides students in organizing their thoughts

Once students identify three main points in their argument, they can determine which specific details, facts, reasons and examples to use in each body paragraph.

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