The Documetary Film

This unit is about documentary films. Every Friday we will be viewing a documentary film in our class. You will be required to answer questions on each film and do small projects that are related to the subject. There will also be questions on each of the 8 films on  your final exam. 

 If you are away and miss a screening then it is your responsiblity to find the films  and view them yourself. But, here is the problem, not all of the films are on Utube or at the video store.  So,  it is in your best interests to be in class on Fridays.

The film is a series of short films. First, a 20 minute documentary about documentaries we will then watch two of the five documentaries at the end of the movie.

What do these films have in common? Which was your favourite and why?

Then, download the attached question sheet for the viewing of our first film; Constructing Reality: What is a documentary? & Ways of storytelling.  Deconstructing the Documentary

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