In the Name of The Family (30 marks)

  • Write a series of three (3) connecting paragraphs to one of the following questions.  Remember to have a strong opinion and to back up your answers with facts, examples, quotes or statistics. (Please cite your sources. )   /30

1.  Discuss the causes of parent-youth conflicts presented in the film. Discuss possible solutions to these conflicts.
How might the broader community be more involved in helping young women who face family violence?
2.  To what extent do you understand this type of family violence as: 1) The psychological problem of the perpetrator(s), 2) a family problem, 3) a cultural problem found in segments of some communities and 4) a religious problem?

3.  To what extend do you think cases like those presented in the film are used to stereotype Muslims or South Asians?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of giving this particular type of family violence a different name (“honour killing”) from other forms of family violence?

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