The Downside of High

A) Read the following newspaper article. Then watch the video The Downside of High.

B) Watch the video located at the following link and answer the questions.  ID=1398511775

Answer the following questions.

1)  Who is David Suzuki? Why is he an authority on this subject?

2) Define THC.

3) What is skitsofrenia?  What are the symptoms?

4) What are the statistics linking people between the ages 16-18 who smoke pot and psychosis?

5) What is bipolar disorder?

4) How did Pot affect Ben, Melonie and Tyler?

5) What is dopamine?

6)  How much THC is in Canadian pot?

7) How much has THC increased in pot the past 5 years?  How did they do this?

8 Why does pot cause mental illness in some teens and not others?

9) What is the most widely used illegal drug in the world?

10) List the background risk factors that might lead to a teen developing pot induced mental illness?

11)  What are cannabinoids?

12) What happens to our body’s cannabinoids system if we bombard our bodies with pot for days or weeks?

13) What is nuro-pruning?

14)   What comes first; mental disability or marijuana abuse?

15)   Why do most teens smoke pot and just get high while others develop serious mental illness?

16)  What is the gene believed to make people more likely to become psychotic after smoking pot?

17) What is CBD?

18) What is the link between CBD and THC? Why is this important?

19) What is the problem with the extreme points of view on cannabis?

20)  In a paragraph, answer the following question: What do you think the most affective way of dealing with the dangers of cannabis is? Regulation of THC and CBD levels or education?  Publish your answer in the comments section. Don’t forget to back up your strong opinion.

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